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Sneaky Smartphone Sabotaged by Supportive Stranger

On the jostling subway, Jazmin’s eyes peered pensively over the dreary crowd. Beside her, a man was holding a script, murmuring monologues, mouthing lines at his mirrored reflection in the door window.  Jazmin spotted a woman watching, wide-eyed, with a wicked smirk and sneaky smartphone. The actor, visibly vexed, did nothing.

Sensing the silent struggle, Jazmin offered, "Mind if I run lines with you?" She slid her statuesque figure in between him and the spying spectator, shielding him from the spying lens.

The actor, now at ease, smiled gratefully, and the tension trickled away during their playful practice. Meanwhile, thwarted by Jazmin's intervention, the would-be meddler frowned and pocketed her pesky phone and surrendered her spying scheme.


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