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A Rainy Romance: Revelations, Audacity, and a Remarkable First Kiss

It was their third date, and an air of anticipation filled the space between them as they hurried along the wet city streets. Soaked and smiling, she felt a fire flickering within. Fearfully fond of him, she concealed her sentiment. He couldn't quite read her emotions, so after noticing an abandoned wig on the sidewalk, he cracked a joke that sent her into a fit of laughter and broke the barriers of her guarded heart. Raindrops carried her confession, unrestrained and resolute, "I think I’m falling for you."

The words rushed out of her mouth on their own. She tried to stop them, but before she could stuff them back down her throat, there they were, flying from her lips. The words hung there in the air, echoed off the brick buildings, bounced off the wet pavement and jumped straight into his ears.

Amidst the drizzly scene, a stumbling homeless man fueled by liquid courage, urged, "Go on and kiss her man!" She nervously glanced at the unexpected oracle’s audacity. A symphony of anticipation played upon the budding couple’s faces, a chorus of longing and uncertainty. And so, their first kiss commenced, a courageous crescendo in the rain.


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Umi Howard
Umi Howard
16 juin

These are dope teasers. I like the illustration style. The heroines are beautiful.

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Thank you!! 🤗

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