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Introducing innovation with the new essential silhouette.




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What is the Multiplex™?

The Multiplex is an athluxury style that can be worn as a dress, tunic, or sports dress and constructed in many fabrications. The newly invented concept, more than any other piece of clothing, will take women practically anywhere. I designed the prototype by spending countless hours fitting a variety of body shapes and sizes and by considering various movements with the understanding that the garment will be used for many activities and occasions. 

Why should you produce the Multiplex? 
One of the growth drivers of the global athleisure market is the increasing adoption of fitness initiatives by corporations. Several companies provide facilities for a variety of sports activities, which encourages employees to wear athleisure at work. The Multiplex will be the perfect addition of luxury performance sportswear to a brand where work/life balance and a flattering fit are paramount. I've had 3 samples manufactured and would like to work with the right brand in developing a line of Multiplex garments that will satisfy both high fashion and function for today's fashionable and active women.

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The Multiplex woman looks good at the office, on the way to the gym, at the gym, and on her way home from the gym.

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Customers can select their Multiplex from a variety of fabric designs and colorways that correspond with their favorite sports teams and school colors.

Just as Brooks Brothers introduced the button-down shirt to the world of menswear, and Donna Karan changed the world with her bodysuit, the Multiplex will be cemented in the women’s style dictionary.

One garment (Multiplex) that provides versatility in styling options means manufacturing less disposable clothes, resulting in less waste and hazard to the environment caused by the fashion industry.

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 Examples of the Marketing Mix to position the Multiplex as the silhouette of the future:


Collaborate with the community by commissioning up-and-coming filmmakers, artists, and micro-influencers to create short films for social media. The high impact videos will birth an emotional connection that will drive awareness and sales of the Multiplex. Create a #hashtag to build the community and invite followers to create & share their own videos while wearing their Multiplex creations.


Collectively we will create content that contributes to a broader narrative that a variety of customers have shared values and experiences - yet different personal styles -  and can all look good wearing the same garment, in their own way.


An immersive fashion "show" experience where guests will not be confined to seats in a prescribed area but instead moving around the set design where the main "characters" will all be wearing a different rendition of the Multiplex. The show alternates among scenes & interactions that are meant for the entire audience, small-group breakout moments, and one-on-one encounters between performers and audience members. No two attendees have the same experience, and no attendee is guaranteed to undergo or witness every element of the show.


​​To reach college-aged consumers, we can recruit student ambassadors to promote promote Multiplex garments (designed with fabrics in their school colors) on campuses across the country.


Ambassadors make sure the products are available to college students by hosting styling parties, photo shoots, and giveaways on campus in places such as the dorms, cafeteria, or sports arenas. They also leverage the power of social media to extend Multiplex awareness beyond their immediate campus setting and to followers attending other colleges where the brand's ambassadors may not be present.

Design and develop the pattern for the 7 different body types below:

body type.jpg
  • Small-to-average bust.

  • Wide torso.

  • Undefined waist.

  • Hips are broader than bust & shoulders.

  • Thinner arms.

  • Upper legs carry more weight & lower legs are shapely

  • Hips narrower than shoulders.

  • Waist is a bit straighter, but the main defining feature is the different proportions of shoulders and hips.

  • Average-to-large bust.

  • Small bust.

  • Most definition between the waist & hips than any other type.

  • Hips are wider than bust & shoulders.

  • Long torsos.

  • Small-to-average bust.

  • Defined waist.

  • Hips are wider than bust & shoulders.

  • Heavy legs.

  • Fuller bottom.

  • Athletic build

  • Bust & hips are the same width

  • Little or no waist definition

  • Gained weight evenly distributes throughout entire body frame

  • Average-to-fuller bust.

  • Broad shoulders.

  • Wide torso.

  • Undefined waist.

  • Hips are narrower than bust.

  • Thinner arms & legs.

  • A flat bottom.

  • Bust & hips are well balanced

  • Defined waist

  • Gently rounded shoulders that align with the hips

  • Upper body is proportionate in length to legs

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