© 2017 by Jazmin Jackson 


A black girl travels to Europe and awaits an intimate Spanish guitar performance surrounded by beautiful Gothic architecture and cloisters. What a time to be alive.


New Yorkers regard you a weirdo for not loving brunch. The thought of waiting 45 min to be seated (and crowded) and paying no less than $30 for french toast and eggs, is certainly not my idea of luxury. But if I do indulge in brunch, it'll be at the Pickles spots...Jacob's and Maison Pickles to be exact. Yum.


There's a delightful thrift store,

On the Upper West Side.

Organized and arranged beautifully.

That gives you a sense of calm, 

Despite being on a quest.

Music Box.

This is the first tune from my "Transcendent Chillout" playlist that I enjoy on the subway ride home after a long day. A soulful lullaby to calm my overstimulated mind of adult stressors.


When I walk through the Times Square subway station,
I usually zone out listening to my music.

One day this dude walked past me and all I could see was his palette of primary colors. "Who is he and where is he going?" I wondered, but did not follow.


When you find your way out of the concrete jungle - even just momentarily - you blissfully forget that you're surrounded by chaos. The Bronx houses such a place. Wave Hill.


I had the best Negroni I've ever tasted.

When I went to South Carolina.

I present to you the formula.

Enjoy responsibly.


A tall girl made small.

Surrounded by art and structures of the future.


My British coworker's response to my lunch rendezvous proposal.
I like it.

It made me laugh :-)

Music Box.

Walking the city at night.

Beautiful lights surround me.

Urban chaos is blurred by this tune.

In a trance, my mind drifts to the one I want, but cannot have.


Riding in Jeeps with the top down while listening to smoothed-out melodic jams is a past-time that was made for Southern California with its sunshine, valleys, and hills.


A huge Tim Burton fan, I had the pleasant surprise of discovering Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas while enjoying a cup of tea. But it was the lonely glass of wine left unfinished that triggered by curiosity. My imagination began to concoct a story, but first I had to capture it...


My first opera. Marnie at Lincoln Center.

‚ÄčExplored the beautiful space during intermission.

Caught the eye of a handsome stranger from Greece. He approached me & we conversed.

Twas a lovely solo date night.