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George Street in Saratoga Springs.

Sits a lovely B&B filled with warmth and charm.

The perfect setting for a writer's retreat.

A refuge away from the city.


A road trip on the scenic byways of Washington to Canada.

A first, but certainly not the last, for I've discovered a need that must always be fulfilled.


Cinema nights at home.

A projector.


Purple Rain.


New Yorkers regard you a weirdo for not loving brunch. The thought of waiting 45 min to be seated (and crowded) and paying no less than $30 for french toast and eggs, is certainly not my idea of luxury. But if I do indulge in brunch, it'll be at the Pickles spots...Jacob's and Maison Pickles to be exact. Yum.

Music Box.

This is the first tune from my "Transcendent Chillout" playlist that I enjoy on the subway ride home after a long day. A soulful lullaby to calm my overstimulated mind of adult stressors.


When I walk through the Times Square subway station,
I usually zone out listening to my music.

One day this dude walked past me and all I could see was his palette of primary colors. "Who is he and where is he going?" I wondered, but did not follow.

Reinvent your.png

When you find your way out of the concrete jungle - even just momentarily - you blissfully forget that you're surrounded by chaos. The Bronx houses such a place. Wave Hill.


Riding in Jeeps with the top down while listening to smoothed-out melodic jams is a past-time that was made for Southern California with its sunshine, valleys, and hills.

Music Box.

Walking the city at night.

Beautiful lights surround me.

Urban chaos is blurred by this tune.

In a trance, my mind settles to peace.

S Anna.jpg

A black girl travels to Europe and awaits an intimate Spanish guitar performance surrounded by beautiful Gothic architecture and cloisters. What a time to be alive.


A tall girl made small.

Surrounded by art and structures of the future.


A huge Tim Burton fan, I had the pleasant surprise of discovering Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas while enjoying a cup of tea. But it was the lonely glass of wine left unfinished that triggered by curiosity. My imagination began to concoct a story, but first I had to capture it...


My British coworker's response to my lunch rendezvous proposal.
I like it.

It made me laugh :-)


My first opera. Marnie at Lincoln Center.

​Explored the beautiful space during intermission.

Caught the eye of a handsome stranger from Greece. He approached me & we conversed.

Twas a lovely solo date night.

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